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  1. CNC Turning
    and Milling
  2. Aluminum Dip
    and Vacuum Brazing
  3. CNC Wire and Ram
    Electrical Operations
  4. Precision
    Laser Cutting
  • CNC Turning and Milling

    Our Capabilities

    CNC Turning and Milling

    Equipped with milling machines outfitted with pallet systems that reduce production time and provide measurable output improvement, our advanced machinery allows for lights out manufacturing.

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  • Aluminum Dip and Vacuum Brazing

    Our Capabilities

    Aluminum Dip and Vacuum Brazing

    Allowing for the simultaneous fusion of multiple joints with varying material thicknesses, our superior aluminum dip and vacuum brazing operations provide parts with improved structural integrity, better conductivity, and less distortion than alternative machining processes.

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  • CNC Wire and Ram Electrical Operations

    Our Capabilities

    CNC Wire and Ram Electrical Operations

    With the ability to handle parts measuring 42″x30″x13.5″ for wire and 34″x21″x 25″ for RAM, our advanced CNC wire and ram electrical discharge operations meet tolerances as tight as (+/-) .0002 inches, and can EDM features as small as .003 inches.

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  • Precision Laser Cutting

    Our Capabilities

    Precision Laser Cutting

    With the ability to apply our precision laser cutting operations to the manufacturing of diverse products, such as signage, and fasteners, our services have successfully fulfilled the needs of multiple industries, including aerospace, architectural, and oil field.

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Ridge Engineering

State-of-the-Art Technology - Using the most advanced technology, we are able to keep up with the ever changing needs of our customers.
Dedicated Employees - Our hard-working employees have allowed us to expand into our 84,674 square foot manufacturing facility.
Storied History - Founded in 1967 and housed in the most modest of surroundings, we have grown into a leader in the industry.
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